Have access to a professional veterinarian
Our pet stylists are ready to freshen up your pet.
Paws on the Border Pet Resort has all your boarding needs covered.

Best Equipment

Our hospital offers the best monitoring, diagnostic and even pet life support equipment available.

Skilled Veterinarians

During our 25 years in the business of saving pets’ lives, we’ve gathered a seasoned team of professionals.

Grooming Services

Our pet stylists are ready to come to your pet’s grooming needs. They offer breed specific clips, hand scissoring trims, and custom trims given at your discretion.

Boarding Services

Going to be gone for the day or the weekend? Paws on the Border Pet Resort offers a solution to all of your boarding needs.

Our Team

With each of our medical team’s members being proud pet owners themselves, forming that special connection with your friend and saving all the pets under any circumstances is a personal mission for them.

Steve Edelstein, DVM

Steve Edelstein, DVM


Tony Vindell, DVM

Tony Vindell, DVM


Contact Us

Got a question for us? Feel free to leave us a message with any questions you have on our services. Please allow 24 hours for a response. If you have an emergency call us at 956-968-3858!

Clinic Hours

Sun – Mon 7:30am – 6:30pm


Paws on the Border Hours

Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:30pm

Border Animal Hospital

Border Animal Hospital is a full service small and exotic animal hospital. Dr. Stephen Edelstein is working to service the needs of the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. We provide extensive surgery procedures, dental procedures, radiography, ultrasound, laparoscopic, hospitalization, boarding and grooming. The hospital has made available a full line of prescription pet food for dogs and cats. As well as flea, tick and parasite treatments and preventative medications.
Border Animal Hospital
Border Animal Hospital10 hours ago
Nothing makes our staff happy than buckets of candy! Thank you to the Rios family from Border Animal Hospital!
Border Animal Hospital
Border Animal Hospital shared Veterinary Team Association of Texas's photo.17 hours ago
Veterinary Technician Week! We are very proud of our skilled, hard working, compassionate technicians, and will celebrate their efforts they put forward for the pets of the RGV.
Border Animal Hospital
Border Animal Hospital shared National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA)'s post.3 weeks ago
Is your pet current on their Rabies Vaccine? Remember, Rabies is completely fatal and it is required by law that your pet stays current. Don't take a chance with their life or yours. Come in today or schedule an appointment, and let's keep the pets and people of the RGV happy and healthy! Border Animal Hospital 956-968-3858
Border Animal Hospital
Border Animal Hospital shared American Heartworm Society's video.4 weeks ago
Checkout this ultrasound video from the American Heartworm Society. Shown are adult heartworms in the tricuspid valve. Both Canine and Felines are at risk, and it takes only one mosquito carrying microfilaria "baby heartworms" to bite your pet and deposit the microfilaria.

Here in the RGV, we have mosquitoes year round, so to prevent your pet from getting heartworms, they need to be on a heartworm prevention year round for life.

Call 956-968-3858, and find out how to get your canine or feline pets on year round heartworm prevention, and let Border Animal Hospital help you keep your pets happy and healthy.
Border Animal Hospital
American Heartworm Society
Heartworms in tricuspid valve. This.is.Preventable!
Border Animal Hospital
Border Animal Hospital shared CATalyst Council's post.1 month ago
Did you know? ... Cats age more rapidly than humans, and are masters at hiding illness.
Sometimes we overlook our feline babies, and they deserve just as much veterinary care as their canine siblings.
Come in today or call 956-968-3858, and let us help you keep your kitty cat, happy and healthy.
Border Animal Hospital
Border Animal Hospital1 month ago
Let's not forget the exotic pet in your family. They benefit from a yearly health exam, just like their canine & feline siblings. Book your exotic pet's appointment with Dr. Tristan today, and let's keep your exotic pets happy and healthy.

Border Animal Hospital

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