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10 Things You Should Know About Pet Boarding

Being a pet parent means ensuring your furry family member is happy, healthy, and safe. If you plan to travel, you must ensure that your pet is well cared for in your absence. Knowing your pet is safe will ensure that you enjoy your vacation. Pet boarding is a good option for your canine, but you must ensure you choose the right place. Here are things you should know about pet boarding.


Make a Reservation

If you plan to board your pet, make a reservation early. You cannot expect to turn up on your way to the airport and hope to find space. Early booking will help prevent disappointment, especially during holidays and summer.

The Boarding Policies

It is essential to know that different facilities have different rules and policies. It means the rules may differ at other kennels even if you have boarded your pet before. Call the facility and find out what is included in their services.

Update Vaccinations

Your pet's vaccinations must be up-to-date before you board them. All reputable boarding facilities value the health of the animals under their care. You must provide proof of your pet's vaccinations before admittance. It helps prevent the spread of diseases.

Check for Parasites

Parasites can pose a challenge in boarding facilities by spreading diseases. Make sure you check your pet before you board them. Most facilities will also conduct their inspection before allowing admission. Consider putting your pet on preventative medication.

Discuss Health Issues

If your pet has health issues make sure you inform the facility personnel. They need to know about your pet’s medications and other special requirements. Good hygiene is essential, and it helps to take your pet to the groomer before boarding them.

Pet Behavioral Issues

Besides discussing health issues, inform the personnel about any behavioral issues your pet may have. If your pet is antisocial, suffers from anxiety, or hates being around other animals, you should inform the personnel. Some facilities are equipped to deal with behavioral issues.

Your Pet's Food

While some boarding facilities may provide food as part of the service, most don't. Even in cases where food is provided, they may not offer the brand that the pet likes. Various food options depend on the breed, age, and size of the pet. Make sure you bring your own food.

Your Dog's Exercise

When boarding your dog, think about exercise needs. Some dogs require more exercise than others, depending on breed, size, age, and other factors. If you have a high-energy breed, find a facility where your pet will be free to roam.

Inspect the Facility

Boarding kennels have different standards, so it is necessary to inspect the facility before boarding your pet. Choose a facility where cleanliness and hygiene are evident. The place may not be sterile, but it should look and smell clean.

Emergency Contact

Make sure you provide emergency contact information before you leave. It will allow the staff to reach you if anything goes wrong. Provide your phone number or the number of the hotel where you will be staying.

Do your homework before boarding your pet. Apart from visiting the facilities, read customer reviews before making your decision.

For more on pet boarding, visit Border Animal Hospital at our Weslaco, Texas office. Call (956) 968-3858 to schedule an appointment today.

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